With over 16 years of family law and legal experience, we will formulate a successful plan and leverage our expertise to help attain your goals.

Our Mission

We want to advocate for you and your family, let us help design a customized strategy that will ensure the best possible outcome, whether you’re looking for a family law expert to talk about your options or a divorce specialist, let us cater to your specific needs and deliver what matters to you most.

What We've Achieved

  • Worked with numerous clients who have had unique or complicated needs throughout the divorce process.

  • Highly experienced and successful outcomes when handling divorces for business owners or other privately held interests.

  • Successfully aided many affluent and high net worth clients through family law situations.

  • Designed successful prenuptial agreements and documents to help protect specific interests in the event of separation or divorce.

  • Advocated for parents or families and successfully created strategies to work around complex family law and divorce situations.

  • Attained workable solutions out of highly contentious environments.

  • Expert design and implementation of successful modification agreements as a result of a divorce.

  • Proven track record with numerous successful outcomes among professionals and entrepreneurs needing a divorce expert.